Cash for my house in CincinnatiMeet our Founder and CEO, Matt York – The Queen City Buyer. One particular fact about Matt: He LOVES Cincinnati. You have probably seen him participating/competing in local fundraisers, boating on the river or out watching a sports event in the city. He has an exciting story that links to his love for the Cincinnati.

Matt donates 5% of the companies earnings each month. Ask about how YOU can choose what the money goes to!

Matt started his real estate endeavors after graduating from college. He started a property management company and controlled rental properties in Mt. Adams and Clifton. After many years, he opened Queen City Buyer and began investing in real estate. He has been building a network of resources that makes his company one of the most versatile and knowledgeable companies around.

I’m extremely proud to call this place home. Cincinnati has done so much for me and I will continually give back – Matt York


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Oliver is our supervisor and is the REAL person in charge. Oliver also enjoys inspecting homes and making sure there are good play areas. He will pick up a hammer from time to time and get Steve (below) in trouble. Matt lets Steve know that hammers and other dangerous objects aren’t allowed during Oliver’s inspection. It’s Oliver’s dream to own the company one day and fix/build houses for a living.



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We asked Steve for a “nice” portrait photo…he submitted this instead. It’s actually a perfect representation of him doing what makes him happiest! When Steve is not gone fishing he is our master inspector, builder and long winded story teller. In all seriousness Steve has that special power to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy when he’s around. He’s one of the most kind, funny and helpful people you will ever meet.




Queen City Cash buyer in Cincinnati Ohio

Rick is our Chief Financial Officer. He handles all the budgeting to make sure we stay profitable. He is a United States NAVY veteran, with a heart of gold and very sharp mind.







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We are real people who really care. This is our American dream and we are happy we can help others while we earn our living. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you, or how we’ve already helped you! We love feedback and grow as a business because of it.

If you’d like to read more about our business and how our process works, click here.

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