How Will You Buy My Cincinnati House?

Let’s begin by walking through your first steps:

“How long should this 4 step, house buying process take?”

Your Total Time Requirement: ≈ 1 Hour

We buy houses in Cincinnati for a living, so we’ve got this process figured out well. We do our research ahead of time so we can come to your home with a great idea of how much cash we can offer you. Once we actually get into the house, we look at what repairs would be needed, add this factor to our formula and VOILA! We have your offer.

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“What if I’m not ready for you to buy my Cincinnati house right away!?”


If you love our offer, Great! we can figure out the next steps. If timing is not right, no sweat! It is NOT our expectation that everyone will sell us their house. It’s also not our expectation that everyone will be ready to sell right away.

“When you decide to buy a Cincinnati house, how do you come up with a fast cash offer for each house?”

How about a quick example of how this works?

Here’s how we come up with our offer:

Let’s say you have a house you want to sell…. Just imagine it’s the house below. It’s a great house and could be amazing with a few touch-ups and upgrades!

Cash for your Cincinnati house

Now… also imagine your neighbor, just down the road, has the exact same house but with some upgrades. Their house has granite countertops, new kitchen cabinets, wood floors, the wallpaper has been removed and fresh paint applied to the walls.

Imagine they sold their house for: $250K

What does that mean about your house?

If we update your house, and bring it up to a very similar condition as the neighbors, we should also be able to sell your house for: $250K ! We refer to this number as the AFTER REPAIR VALUE.


Cash For Your House – Running The Numbers

Our Formula:

(After Repair Value) – (Repairs) – (Our Selling Costs) – (Minimum Profit) = Your Cash Offer

Here’s what all that means: